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Mon, 03 Jul 2017

Convertible bond 100 MSEK completed

Stockholm, 2017-07-03

Bluefish Pharmaceuticals AB today announces that the Company has successfully issued a convertible bond of 100 MSEK.

The convertible bond is three years and expires on 30 June 2020. The convertible bond runs at 9% annual interest rate and the conversion price is SEK 9 per share. In case of a public offering or sale of the company, compulsory conversion applies, and then the conversion rate is set at 10% discount at either the subscription price in the IPO or the resulting sales price at the time of sale. The full terms of the convertible bond can be found on the company's website.

Bluefish CEO Berit Lindholm comments:

"The bond will be used to repay the former convertible bond of SEK 22 million which expired on June 30, 2017, as well as share loans and other loans of MSEK 30 due in March 2018. Remaining liquidity will be used for investments in new products in order to increase our growth.”


For more information, contact


Berit Lindholm, CEO Bluefish Pharmaceuticals 

Tel. 46 8 519 116 00



About Bluefish Pharmaceuticals
Bluefish has undergone significant international expansion since the company was founded in 2005. Bluefish focuses on the development, manufacture and sale of generic pharmaceuticals. The company conducts marketing operations in a large number of European markets and is expanding into territories outside Europe. The product portfolio consists of a total of approximately 80 products and is growing.