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Introducing Bluefish Pharmaceuticals: Affordable Medicines

Established in Sweden, a country renowned for its longstanding tradition of industrial innovation and quality products, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals offers affordable generic medications across Europe. Our aim is straightforward yet significant - to ensure that high-quality medicines are accessible to a broader audience.

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Collaboration Lies At The Heart Of Everything We Do

At Bluefish, we are committed to add value throughout the pharmaceutical journey – from development and manufacturing to marketing. With operations spanning 13 European nations, we uphold our reputation for service, responsibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Collaboration lies at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with development and manufacturing partners, guaranteeing that each product we deliver adheres to rigorous quality standards. Our diverse product portfolio encompasses a wide range of therapeutic areas, with a particular emphasis on expanding offerings of off-patent products.

Working Towards Redefining The Landscape Of Generic Medications

We are dedicated to ensuring that quality pharmaceuticals remain affordable for all. Join us as we work towards redefining the landscape of generic medications, making healthcare solutions accessible to everyone. Experience the difference with Bluefish Pharmaceuticals today.

Bluefish Delivers Effective And Affordable Medicines

By prioritising innovation and simplicity in both thought and action, and by taking responsibility across all markets at every stage, we have established a robust and dynamic brand. Our aim is to offer high-quality medicines at affordable prices across EU.


Comprehensive Product Range With Significant Market Potential

All Bluefish products originate from established generic substances, supported by extensive research into efficacy and safety. Through strategic partnerships and access to advanced technology platforms, we continuously refine our products to meet evolving market needs.

Our approach is grounded in simplicity and accountability . By prioritising market need and efficiency, we minimise development time, mitigate risks, and optimise investments. The outcome is a comprehensive product range with significant market potential.

Vision & Values

Bluefish Delivers Effective And Affordable Medicines

In everything we do, we are committed to our values and our ways of working.

Strategies & Goals

Bluefish Growth Strategy

The ongoing transformations within the pharmaceuticals industry present both challenges and significant opportunities.

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