Product Development

At Bluefish, our ability to develop our own product formulations affords us complete ownership rights and enhances our control over vital aspects such as product selection, geographic access, costs, and other supply chain conditions.

We focus on developing generic versions of reference products using innovative approaches to formulation to ensure non-infringing products meeting safety, efficacy, and quality requirements to improve patient compliance. In-house product development creates fresh commercial avenues by granting us global rights to our products, facilitating new forms of cooperation.

Strategic Product Expansion

Bluefish focuses on developing products within niche areas, those with complex formulations, or strategically significant products, thereby enhancing the value of our intellectual property rights portfolio.


Partnerships For Success

We maintain close collaboration with Contract Development Organisations (CDOs), selecting partners with specific expertise and experience tailored to each project's requirements. Managed by our in-house development team at our technical centre in India, comprising experts in formulation development, analytical development, clinical evaluation,  IP, and quality assurance, these partnerships ensure seamless project execution.

Driving Excellence: Bluefish's Innovative Development Process

Our development process begins with a thorough business and safety evaluation, followed by an assessment of technical prerequisites to gauge project risks. Concurrently, we identify suitable collaborating partners, culminating in an overall assessment, including project prioritisation. The development timeline averages between 18 and 24 months, varying based on formulation complexity and bioequivalence study design requirements.

Upon study completion, documentation is compiled and submitted to relevant authorities for approval, initiating the commercial launch manufacturing process. 

At Bluefish, our commitment to product development underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence. Join us as we continue to seize opportunities and redefine industry standards.


Driving Sustainable Growth Through Strategic Product Investment

Investing in the right products is imperative for achieving sustainable long-term growth. At Bluefish, we have established a robust selection process to pinpoint products that align with our internal criteria for each product category. In addition to our focus on blockbuster products nearing patent expiry, we actively seek out new opportunities in niche-oriented areas and segments characterised by complex formulations or strategic significance for our organization . 

We place significant emphasis on the meticulous process of selecting new products, whether they will be produced under licence, distributed, or developed in collaboration with our partner development centres. Before any new product investment, Bluefish conducts a comprehensive profitability analysis, considering the potential earnings, development costs, and registration expenses in each relevant market. 

Commitment To Excellence

Our strategy revolves around launching niche, complex, or strategically vital products in countries where they face less competition, thereby ensuring sustainable business growth for Bluefish. Consequently, our product portfolio encompasses a wide array of high-quality generic pharmaceuticals across major therapeutic areas. 

At Bluefish, we remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every product we offer contributes to our mission of sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

Quality & Safety

Uncompromising Quality And Safety

We accept nothing but the utmost achievable quality and safety standards and expect our suppliers and distributors to adhere to the same high standards.


Diverse Range Of High-Quality Generic Products

We are dedicated to delivering affordable and high-quality healthcare solutions throughout the EU across key therapeutic areas

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