Vision And Values

We are determined people, working together cross-functionally. Collaborating with each other, our customers and our partners to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Bluefish is committed to delivering effective and affordable medicines. By focusing on innovation and simplicity, we have built a robust brand that takes responsibility at every stage. Through strategic partnerships and sustainable practices, we aim to shape the future of healthcare by delivering value and innovation to our customers and communities.

At Bluefish, we find great purpose in moving our world forward by delivering high-quality, effective, and affordable medicines. In everything we do, we are committed to our values and our ways of working. They guide how we behave and how we best serve our customers and partners, how we take care of our people, and how we become more effective. These values drive our vision to deliver effective and affordable medicines to more people.

Our Values

At Bluefish, we empower our team members to make decisions at the lowest possible level and encourage everyone to speak up. This fosters agility, innovation, and ownership, creating a dynamic environment where every voice is valued and ideas flourish. Together, we drive towards our goals, fueled by a culture of trust, accountability, and continuous growth.

At Bluefish, we prioritize fast decision-making with balanced risks to seize opportunities swiftly. Our customer-centric approach ensures we act promptly on opportunities, delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions to exceed expectations.

At Bluefish, we believe in simplicity and cost-efficiency in all we do. We streamline processes to maximize effectiveness while aiming for win-win situations with our partners. By prioritizing smart actions, we drive innovation and deliver sustainable results.

At Bluefish, we value full responsibility and openness from everyone. With the belief that 'everyone matters every day,' we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards. Through clear communication and collaboration, we drive excellence in all our endeavors.

At Bluefish, we thrive on simplicity and continuous improvement. We believe in reducing complexity and aiming for sustainable growth. We love improvements because they drive progress and innovation. Through ongoing learning and adaptation, we create lasting value for all stakeholders.

Quality & Safety

Uncompromising Quality And Safety

We accept nothing but the utmost achievable quality and safety standards and expect our suppliers and distributors to adhere the same high standards.

Strategies & Goals

Bluefish Growth Strategy

The ongoing transformations within the pharmaceuticals industry present both challenges and significant opportunities.

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