Corporate Social Responsibility

Unwavering dedication to fostering excellence within our organisation and beyond.

At Bluefish, we take pride in our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We firmly believe that businesses play a vital role in society, and the most esteemed among them go beyond mere profit-making. They leverage their influence to address pressing social and environmental issues. At Bluefish, we aspire to be a driving force for positive change in our society's social and environmental landscape.


Positive Change For Individuals And Their Families

At Bluefish, we are delighted to share our unwavering dedication to fostering excellence within our organisation and beyond. Our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts includes support for higher education for underprivileged children in India. We recognise the remarkable work of Shanti Bhavan in maximising community impact, and by sponsoring Shanti Bhavan School, we are actively contributing to positive change for individuals and their families. Through our partnership with Shanti Bhavan, our employees and their families have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need, experiencing the profound joy of giving back.


Bluefish India Office Leads By Example With Successful Cleanliness Drive

At Bluefish, we actively encourage our employees to share their time, resources, and skills to enrich our local communities. In addition to our educational endeavours, we are proud to highlight our Cleanliness Drive at the Bluefish India office where our our team mobilized to clean the area surrounding the BGRT premises. The overwhelming enthusiasm and positive response from our employees reaffirm our commitment to future similar initiatives. This activity not only promotes cleanliness but also raises awareness about the importance of a clean and green India among our staff and the local community.


Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bluefish, we stand tall in our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility. Our efforts reflect our deep-rooted pride in making a meaningful impact on society and the environment.
We invite you to join us on this journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Pharmaceuticals And The Environment

Bluefish complies with all environmental legislation and requirements currently governing pharmaceutical manufacturing. Consequently, the company ensures that manufacturers possess environmental permits and verifies that analysis results from test samples meet the requirements stipulated in these permits. Additionally, Bluefish verifies that manufacturers analyse the water leaving their plants for traces of pharmaceutical substances and scrutinises their waste management practices. Bluefish's goal is to continually improve its efforts on environmental issues and meticulously monitor the areas highlighted by public agencies.

Vision & Values

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In everything we do, we are committed to our values and our ways of working.

About Us

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Our aim is straightforward yet significant – to ensure that high-quality medicines are accessible to a broader audience.

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