What We Do

Bluefish offers quality generic pharmaceuticals at affordable prices.
Our core generic product portfolio covers all major therapeutic areas.

Since its inception, Bluefish has developed the expertise and infrastructure necessary to engage in all aspects of the generic pharmaceutical value chain. Quality medicines at affordable prices, calls for operational excellence in product development, quality assurance, pharmacovigilance, intellectual property, supply chain management, as well as marketing and sales strategies.

With the vision of offering quality pharmaceuticals at prices affordable to all, we have to be innovative and at the same time cost-efficient in all stages. This includes operational excellence in departments such as product development, quality assurance, pharmacovigilance, IP and supply chain as well as marketing and sales.

Bluefish Excellence


Bluefish's marketing strategy is built on organic growth, entering markets with a focused approach, tailored to specific segments. By introducing a product portfolio aligned with local demands, we gradually expand our market presence. Financing and purchasing structures vary across countries, influencing generic market penetration and marketing model optimization.

Bluefish targets pharmacies, pharmacy chains, wholesalers, and governmental or private institutions as key customers. With a strong foothold in the European market, Bluefish employs a validated business model, leveraging in-depth market knowledge to optimize product offerings and marketing strategies for each country.

Bluefish carefully selects products prioritizing blockbuster products nearing patent expiry, as well as niche-oriented and strategically significant offerings. Thorough commercial and technical analyses precede each investment, considering earnings potential, development costs, market registration, and quality aspects.

This rigorous process ensures a broad portfolio of high-quality generic pharmaceuticals across major therapeutic areas. With a strong foothold in the European market, Bluefish employs a validated business model, leveraging in-depth market knowledge to optimize product offerings and marketing strategies for each country.

Bluefish collaborates with strategic manufacturing partners globally, ensuring products are manufactured with the highest quality and competitive pricing. Optimization of lead times, supply planning, manufacturing, logistics, quality assurance, and distribution is integral to the company's competitiveness in each market.

In today's rapidly evolving global market, the concept of a first-class supply chain has become paramount for businesses striving to achieve competitive advantage and operational excellence. A first-class supply chain encompasses an agile network that seamlessly integrates suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to deliver products and services efficiently and effectively.

Cornerstones Of The Business

Bluefish operates as a fully-fledged pharmaceutical organisation, boasting all the necessary expertise across its operations. With a firm focus on product quality, cost efficiency, and speed to market, we prioritise meeting market demands swiftly and effectively. At the heart of our strategy lies a well-balanced product portfolio, aiming to deliver enduring medical value. Presently, the portfolio comprises of over 80 marketed products, with an additional portfolio of products in various stages of development. Further expansion of the product range is underway, with a keen focus on niche, semi-niche, highly complex, and strategically significant products. Bluefish's fully owned technology centre plays an integral role in global operations, driving innovation and enhancing competitiveness through dossier development. 

Efficient supply chain management is a cornerstone of our operations, ensuring seamless logistics and timely product delivery. Bluefish maintains stringent quality control measures, and vigilant monitoring of adverse events, underscoring our commitment to product safety and efficacy. Investment in formulation development, intellectual property protection, and extensive market research sustains Bluefish's competitive edge. Bluefish employs a dynamic marketing organisation, tailoring strategies to suit the unique conditions of each market we operate in. While operations are conducted locally to ensure responsiveness to regional needs, centralised coordination facilitates synergies and efficiency across the organisation. 

Quality & Safety

Uncompromising Quality And Safety

We accept nothing but the utmost achievable quality and safety standards and expect our suppliers and distributors to adhere to the same high standards.


Join Forces With Bluefish

Bluefish has forged robust strategic alliances primarily centred around product sourcing and manufacturing. Our expertise extends to development, regulatory approvals, go-to-market strategies, and marketing initiatives.

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