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Welcome to Bluefish Pharmaceuticals, your source for affordable, high-quality generic medications in Europe. Established in Sweden, a country known for its industrial innovation and quality, Bluefish aims to make essential medicines accessible to a broader audience.

We are dedicated to adding value at every stage of the pharmaceutical journey, from development and manufacturing to marketing. Operating in 13 European countries, we are committed to delivering service, responsibility, and cost-effectiveness.

At Bluefish, collaboration is key. We partner with development and manufacturing experts to ensure each product meets rigorous quality standards. Our diverse portfolio spans numerous therapeutic areas, with a focus on expanding our off-patent product offerings. Every Bluefish product is derived from well-established generic substances, supported by extensive research into their efficacy and safety.


Our Approach Is Simple And Accountable

By focusing on market needs and efficiency, we minimize development time, reduce risks, and optimize investments. This results in a comprehensive range of products with significant market potential.

13 Countries
80+ Products

With a commitment to excellence and accessibility, Bluefish is dedicated to ensuring quality pharmaceuticals remain affordable for all.


Efficient Marketing, Product Selection, And Supply Chain

Our marketing strategy emphasizes organic growth and market-specific approaches. We align our product portfolio with local demands, targeting pharmacies, wholesalers, and both governmental and private institutions. Leveraging deep market knowledge, we optimize our offerings and strategies for each country. 

We prioritize selecting products nearing patent expiry, as well as niche and strategically significant offerings. Each investment is preceded by thorough commercial and technical analyses, ensuring a broad portfolio of high-quality generics. Our collaboration with global manufacturing partners ensures competitive pricing and top-notch quality. Efficient supply chain management, from manufacturing to distribution, underpins our market competitiveness.


Our Vision

Bluefish is committed to delivering effective and affordable medicines. By focusing on innovation and simplicity, we have built a robust brand that takes responsibility at every stage. Our vision is to make high-quality medicines widely available across the EU, empowering individuals and healthcare providers with reliable solutions. Through strategic partnerships and sustainable practices, we aim to shape the future of healthcare by delivering value and innovation to our customers and communities.

Generic Pharmaceutical Products

A generic product is the bioequivalent of a pharmaceutical originator product that has already been on the market for several years. In most countries, new pharmaceuticals benefit from patent protection for 20 years. Once the patent expires, other companies holding the appropriate licenses are entitled to manufacture and market the pharmaceutical, provided they adhere to the relevant laws and regulations.

A generic pharmaceutical contains the same active substances as the originator product. Once therapeutic bioequivalence has been established, the generic product can be substituted for the originator product.

Generic medicines offer the same quality and safety profiles as the originator products. Throughout their development and production processes, generics must adhere to the same rigorous standards of quality, safety, and efficacy as the originator products. These standards are closely monitored and enforced by the relevant regulatory authorities both before and after product approval. Manufacturing plants are regularly inspected to ensure they remain compliant with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice), while products on the market are regularly monitored to ensure they continue to meet the required quality standards.


The Role Of Generics In Society

  • Competition is heightened and production costs decrease, enabling profitability while reducing prices for consumers.  
  • Patients gain enhanced access to high-quality, safe, and effective medicines.  
  • Significant savings are facilitated for both patients and healthcare systems.  
  • More cost-effective treatment frees up resources for the development of new innovative treatments or medicines.  
  • Provide an incentive for companies that produce original pharmaceuticals to persist in developing innovative solutions. 
Vision & Values

Bluefish Delivers Effective And Affordable Medicines

In everything we do, we are committed to our values and our ways of working.

Strategies & Goals

Bluefish Growth Strategy

The ongoing transformations within the pharmaceuticals industry present both challenges and significant opportunities.

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